Danielle Jamison was born and raised in the Chicagoland area with her two parents and sister. As a child, Danielle focused on two interests, one being fashion conscious as her mother use to always say,“You should always take pride in how you look”, and the other focus was education. Danielle strived to excel in her academics as school took top-priority while attending the University of Missouri where she double majored in Psychology and Sociology.

Post graduation, Danielle felt the intense desire to pursue her childhood dream being engulfed in fashion. Her personality was outshining her education’s “typical” career path; she felt too lively not to pursue her true passion.

Hey Babes! Welcome to my lifestyle blog where I share my most desired brands, looks, tips/tutorials, and experiences. This is the ultimate destination for every woman. Men too can seek great ideas and finds for that special lady in his life throughout the blog.
Rounding up my passion to shine my creativity and style to all, I dedicate my time and ideas to my followers. Alongside my blog, I also have a major presence on social media through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat (@daniellejamison). I expose my audience to multiple messages of style, confidence, self-love, and the hottest trends. I back and truly engulf myself in all of the products/brands I promote to ensure my audience that they work, look good, and will also be beneficial for them too.
Dedication. Determination. Dreams. Happiness.

After sharing this interest with others, Danielle has been given the opportunity to share her style with the world, as she portrays the incredibly styled receptionist on VH1’s reality TV series, Black Ink Crew Chicago. Danielle now has her own lifestyle blog where she shares tutorials/tips, photos, brands, etc. to inspire her fast-growing audience.

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